Each person must fill out and sign a Travel Affidavit form 

Each person must submit a copy of their passport (must have at least 6 months validity date)

If paying by credit card, fill out credit card form

Don't forget to send your vessel registration along with your paperwork

***Please inform us if you are carrying firearms on board.  Please list and describe all firearms.

*** Please inform us if you will be carrying motorized land vehicles.  Please list and describe.

We will fill out and submit all USCG 3300 forms, Homeland Security, Cuban Permit, Cuban Crew Clearance Forms, and Marina Slip Requests.  We will process them for you and provide them to you for insurance purposes.  

Please submit the following along with a $500.00 per person deposit payable to: Carlson Maritime Travel


1. Registration form

2. Signed Travel Affidavits

3. Credit Card Authorization Form (if paying by card)

4. Vessel Registration

5. Copies of passports of all on aboard the vessel

**Those citizens born in Cuba will not be accepted in this rally at this time

**You will need to obtain insurance for your vessel separately

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